The Wiener Library

For the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide

Our Fundraising Promise

The Library undertakes fundraising activity in a variety of ways including via personal approach, mail, email, telephone and membership schemes in line with the Fundraising Code of Practice set by the Fundraising Regulator. Our fundraising promise, which is available on our website to reassure supporters of our approach, is that when you support The Wiener Library you can be sure of the following:

  • We will never pass your contact details to anyone without your permission;
  • We will only contact you if you have expressed an interest in our work;
  • If we phone you, we will always check you are happy to take the call;
  • If you ask us to change how we communicate with you, or stop, we will respect that;
  • We do not engage in cold-calling, door to door or street fundraising;
  • We endeavour to ensure no one ever feels pressurised to support our work;
  • We adhere to the Fundraising Code of Practice;
  • All our activities are open, fair, honest and legal.

The Library has robust policies in place regarding vulnerable people and treating donors fairly. We have a training programme for all our fundraising staff to regularly reinforce our fundraising ethics.