The Wiener Library

For the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide

Serials & Press Cuttings

The Library holds over 3000 titles of serials, 51 of which are current subscriptions. Our holdings include academic journals covering Holocaust and genocide studies, antisemitism and memory; organisational newsletters from refugee and exile organisations and memorial institutions; political magazines, both fascist and anti-fascist, and select newspapers for Jewish communities.

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Special Collections

Within the archive we have a number of unique serial collections which are of particular interest to researchers.

DP Camps Press

Many of the displaced persons camps in Germany and Austria published their own newspapers, magazines and newsletters. Published by the camp administration, with the content written and edited by the survivors themselves, these rare publications provide a unique insight into the mindset of Jewish survivors and the challenges they faced in the immediate post-war period.

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Exile and Refugee Newsletters

The Nazis drove Jewish and political refugees to seek refuge across the globe. Where ever there were significant numbers of refugees small newsletters would spring up to keep refugees up to date with political developments and the course of the war and to aid life in the new country. Many anti-Nazi exile groups published their own newsletters which reflect their distinct and divergent politics.

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Fascist and Far-Right Serials

In addition to a substantial collection of Nazi serials the Wiener Library holds many fascist titles from other countries including Great Britain, as well as extreme right titles published after 1945.

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German-Jewish Serials

The Library holds many titles published by German-speaking Jewish communities in Germany, Austria, and parts of Czechoslovakia ranging from national papers to more specific regional or organisational newsletters.

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Wiener Library Publications

Since the Wiener Library was founded at the end of 1933 we have published several periodicals including Nazis at War (1940-45), Jewish News (1942-45) and The Wiener Library Bulletin (1946-81).

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Press Cuttings

The Library has a large collection of press cuttings (1933-2010) on the topic of the Holocaust, gathered from a wide variety of publications and browsable by subject.

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