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Our Supporters

The Wiener Library is a registered charity and we rely on the generosity of our donors and supporters to care for our collections and develop our work.

Individuals, charitable trusts and companies help the Library to open our collections to anyone who wants, or needs, to use them, and to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in building an understanding of the Holocaust and genocide.

Our donors help make The Wiener Library one of the most important Holocaust archives in the world.  THANK YOU.




The Andor Charitable Trust
The Catherine Lewis Foundation
Sir Mick & Lady Davis
Ernest Hecht Charitable
The Dulverton Trust
The Foyle Foundation
The Fraenkel Charitable Trust
Paola & Martin Fraenkel
Myrna & Isaac Kaye
Joanna Millan
The National Cataloguing
   Grants Programme for
   Archives and its co-founders
Sue Odell
Pauline & Harold Berman
   Charitable Trust
Pears Foundation
Rachel Charitable Trust
David Rauch
Roberta & Robert Perlman
The Roden Family
The Alan and Babette Sainsbury
   Charitable Trust
Salomon Oppenheimer
   Philanthropic Foundation
Ellen & Richard Schmidt
The Sobell Foundation
Helen & Anthony Spiro
The Taurus Foundation
Tuixen Foundation
The Weldon UK Charitable Trust
Rosie & Andreas Wesemann

The Aspect Trust
Dr James Bjork
Colin & Sue Boswell
Briess Rayner Charity Trust
Manina Dicks
The Barbara & Stanley Fink
The Leek Family
Hanna Nyman
Ian & Victoria Watson




Dr Lilian Furst
Jean Harff
Dr Harold Jarvis
Gunter Lubowski
Charles Regan
Helen Reinfrank
Gerry Sigler

The '45 Aid Society
Sir Trevor & Lady Chinn
Graham Davin
Lord Finkelstein OBE
Olivia & Neil Goldman
Emma Kane
The Kobler Trust
Anita Lowestein-Dent
Anne Lloyd Thomas
Irene & Anthony Newton
Philippa & Jimmy Strauss


We gratefully acknowledge
the generous support
of the following:

Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR)
Auswärtiges Amt der Bundesrepublik
The Conference on Jewish Material
   Claims Against Germany
Heritage Lottery Fund
Toni Schiff Memorial Fund

We would also like to extend our thanks to the many other individuals, volunteers and organisations who support our work and those who wish to remain anonymous.